Grape juice plant – Győrújbarát

The area chosen for building the grape juice plant lies among cordon grape parcels in the outskirts of Győrújbarát. Within the cultivated area, this most striking hill is where the entire region can be seen, as well as scattered villages. This is probably the most beautiful landscape of the Pannonhalma wine region. The view from the heights of the plantations embraces the Bakony hilltops and the horizons of the city of Győr. According to the client’s requests, the grape juice plant can be developed. The form and structure of the construction were determined based on options to accommodate further expansion. The plant building has cellars built under the entire ground floor. The reason behind its southeastern and northwestern orientation is not only the landscape, but basically accessibility and the logic of use. From an architectural point of view, the basic concept was to integrate the building to organically blend into the landscape, as it will be seen from afar and stand out from the long lines of grape cordons. The plant has a grape inlet veranda, while its upper floor has a grape inlet chute, mobile press, inlet tanks in the two-level halls, storage area, and laboratory, which are functions related to grape juice production. Additionally, the ground floor of the building will host the washroom and locker room, tool storage and parking lot.