Bodri Winery

Bodri Pincészet Kft.
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  • Megvalósítás helyszíneSzekszárd
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  • KategóriaBorászat

Bodri Estate is found at the southern edge of Szekszárd, in the scenic area of Faluhely-dűlő which can be perceived as a self-contained little world on its own. It is a genuine complex of wine tourism, since it includes a winery, an event centre, a restaurant with an open kitchen and guesthouses as well. When it was constructed, great efforts were made to organically integrate it into the Szekszárd landscape, its warm colours and traditions. The architectural solutions evoke the Swabian rural, civilian, folk style that characterized Tolna County in the 18th-19th centuries.

The cellar system with 12 domes—which was recognised as the largest newly built domed cellar in Central Europe—can receive 300 to 400 people for wine-tasting, while the restaurant can seat 70 to 80 people at the same time.

The cellar has been built with recycled bricks evoking the colour and heat of Szekszárd loess, while for the roof and the fence of the terrace and even for the bridge between the two lakeshores rustically designed wood structures are used.

The 100-hectare estate offers not only wine and gastronomical experiences for its visitors but is also prepared for those arriving for relaxation and recreational activities. For the purposes of “vineyard romance”, 25 guestrooms have been erected where 65 guests may relax after late night wine-drinking parties.

Bodri Winery

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